Headlights Installation on 2005-2007 Chrysler 200

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After removing the hardware. You can complete. The bumper removal process. Simply pull the front bumper out and. Vehicle. Remove 310 millimeter pulls. With our parking lot Chrysler 200. And there will be 3 wives. A white and brown one. The white and purple wire. And a black and green wire. The white and purple wire is a 12 volt source. We soldered in our DR al and Headlights Chrysler 200 halo red and white wires. To this one.

The black and green wires brown and can be used to connect the block wires on the spider like. After mowing the headlines tying the 10 millimeter balls securities. Over prop prosper and the 4 plastic clips. I. Taking a 10 millimeter bull McCabe inside the fender liner. And don’t forget to install the several 8 millimeter poll located under the bumper.