Volkswagen spares

Volkswagen spares

Many owners of Volkswagen, planning to repair their machines, faced with such a problem, as the choice of high-quality and reliable spares and even that it were not expensive.

Volkswagen parts

Consider how the companies producing Volkswagen spares can be trusted, and which, according to experts are not good. German manufacturer of spares Bosch is known worldwide its production is used on assembly lines of 70% of vehicle manufacturers.

Next (also German), a manufacturer of high-quality spare parts – the company SWAG. Quality manufactured suspension, transmission, chassis, steering parts and fluids meets the highest international standards.

The company GKN is a leader in the production of frogs and CV joints. Volkswagen spare parts manufactured by the company can be bought also under the trade mark Lobro.

Incomparable leader in the manufacture of plastic and rubber components and spare parts is the company ContiTech Continental.